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Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson

Job Listings

Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson acts as a clearinghouse for grant writing job opportunities.

Nonprofit organizations that are seeking grant writers can share their listing with us, and we will distribute the opportunity to our members via email.

Organizations can send us job listings seeking:

  • Full time or part time grant writers
  • Grant writers for temporary or permanent positions
  • Consultants to help with short term projects, such as reviewing, editing and/or polishing proposals prior to submission
  • Consultants for long-term contracts

Listings will be shared with our members, including organizational grant writers and grant writing consultants, as well as development and fundraising professionals.

To share your job listing seeking a grant writer or grant writing consultant, please send us a job description that includes the following:

  • Name, location and web address of hiring organization
  • Job title
  • Details about the job opportunity (description of duties, F/T, P/T, permanent, temp, remote, etc.)
  • Salary if available
  • Name and contact info for person to reach out to if interested
  • Please include a link if the job listing is online, and/or a pdf file with details if available.

Job listings, as well as any questions, can be sent to our to our Job Bank Chair Carol Nordgren at  cnordgren@gmail.com.

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