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Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson

Tips on Becoming a Grant Writer or Consultant

One of our missions at GPLH is to provide educational information. This page is dedicated to helping those who are interested in entering the grant writing profession, as well as those who are thinking about starting their own grant writing consulting business.

Becoming a Grant Writer

Are you thinking of becoming a grant writer? It is a rewarding profession with many opportunities, both working for organizations and working as a consultant.

The publication below offers some guidance on things to consider and tips on how to get started.

Tips on Becoming a Grant Writer

Starting A Consulting Business

Are you thinking about starting your own business as a grant writing consultant? Working for yourself has many perks and can be a great career path.

The publication below shares questions to ask yourself before you get started, insight into what to expect, and the steps you'll need to take to move forward.

Tips on Starting A Grant Writing Consulting Business.

You may also find it helpful to view the sample consulting contracts and documents listed below:

Still have questions?

Have you read the information above and are ready to learn more? Sign up for a personal consultation with one of GPLH's experts. We’ll help you determine if grant writing and/or entrepreneurship is right for you. Contact us to set up a convenient time to chat with about your personal situation: info.gplh@gmail.com

Consultations are free, but you can make a tax-deductible donation as a thank you by clicking here.

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