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Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson

About Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson

Founded in 2008, Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson is a nonprofit grant writing education and advocacy organization operating in the lower Hudson Valley whose mission is to provide educational opportunities for those involved or interested in the fields of fundraising, specifically grant writing; promote high ethical grant writing standards; and raise public awareness and interest in philanthropy and charitable giving.

GPLH History

In October 2008, a group of 19 grant professionals got together at Teatown Lake Reservation in Ossining, NY, for breakfast to discuss the idea of forming a networking group.  At that meeting, Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson was founded and a board of directors was elected with Lydia Howie as their first President.  She served as President for the first 9 years. Since that time, the organization has continued to grow into the region’s premier grant writing educational and advocacy organization, and today we have over 200 GPLH Members and Friends mostly from towns in the Hudson Valley although we do have members residing in states along the east coast.  GPLH incorporated and became a nonprofit charity on June 6, 2018.

GPLH DEI Statement

Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson respects DEI values and is committed to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in our activities. We welcome all those engaged in grant writing to help nonprofits procure the resources vital to fulfilling their missions. As a volunteer professional membership organization, we value a diversity of perspectives from those who attend our programs as well as those who present throughout the year. We seek to provide an equitable, inclusive, and accepting culture at all events.

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