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Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson

Grant Professional Certification

What is the Grant Professional Certification and how did it start?

The certification, which is given by the Grant Professional Certification Institute (GPCI), attests to the experience and qualifications of the holder similar to other fund raising professions such as Certified Fund Raising Executives (CFRE.) GPCI was started by the American Association of Grant Professionals. It took many years to create the criteria and test. The first certification was tested in November 2007 and awarded in spring 2008.


Who is qualified to become a GPC and how do you apply?

  • The certification is for the generalist, testing the grant writer’s knowledge of many areas (grant research, grant writing, Grants.gov, government grants management, grant ethics, etc.). To see the competencies tested, visit www.grantcredential.org/the-exam/competencies-tested.
  • Registration is similar to the CFRE test.  You must complete an initial application that requires 120 points. You get points for things like your education level, number of years practicing, number of awarded grants, number of volunteer hours, being an officer, published articles, hours teaching/guest speaking, etc.  Once approved, you take the test. If you pass, you get certified.  Every 3 years you have to recertify by submitting another 120 points.


About the test

The test is given online at testing centers throughout the country. The test can be taken in two sessions or at the same time. It consists of a writing portion and  150-160 multiple choice questions. The GPCI website has a list of recommended reading materials. For more details about the test and costs, visit the Grant Professional Certification Institute website.

Benefits of certification

  • There are about 400 GPCs in the country. It is an earned honor, indicating an advanced level of knowledge and expertise.
  • It will help you land a job or clients.
  • You will get much personal satisfaction from the achievement.

GPLH is a GPCI Accepted Education Program provider

We are pleased to announce that GPLH is a GPCI Accepted Education Program provider. Learn  all about it here.

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