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Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson

Code of Ethics

The Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson (GPLH), a membership association of grant writers in the lower Hudson Valley, is committed to serving the greater public good by practicing the highest ethical and professional standards of grant writing excellence. GPLH is the region’s leading authority and resource for the practice of grantsmanship in the area.

Membership in this association:

  • Provides professional advancement opportunities to grant professionals, so they may increase their knowledge and skills.
  • Promotes the ethical practice of the professions.
  • Enhances the public image and recognition of the profession within the greater philanthropic and public communities.

Members promise to:  

  • Practice their profession with integrity and honesty.
  • Adhere to all laws and regulations governing grant writers in New York State.
  • Strive to improve their professional competence - knowledge and skills.
  • Solicit funds for the purposes that they are solicited.
  • Distribute materials that accurately and correctly reflect the organization’s mission and use of solicited funds.
  • Distribute financial information that has been produced by accountants and auditors who have adhered to accurate and consistent accounting methods.
  • Ensure proper use of funds in accordance with the grant’s intent, to the best of their ability.
  • Not plagiarize any professional work, including grant proposals, journal article, marketing materials, web site copy, etc.
  • Ensure the timely reports on the use and management of such funds.
  • Uphold the privacy of all their clients’ or employers’ interests.
  • Avoid relationships with individuals or organizations that they know to be misleading.
  • Avoid relationships that pose a conflict of interest.
  • Establish positive relationships between grant professionals and funders.
  • Not abuse any relationship with a donor, prospect, volunteer or employee to the benefit of the member or the member’s organization.
  • Adhere to acceptable means of compensation for services performed.
  • Strive to be leaders and role models in the field of grantsmanship.
  • Encourage colleagues to embrace the GPLH’s Code of Ethics.

In regards to compensation, members shall:

  • Work for a salary or fee.
  • Accept performance-based compensation (e.g. bonuses) provided they are in accordance with prevailing practices within the members’ own organization and are not based on a percentage of grant monies.
  • Not accept or pay a finder’s fee, commission, or percentage compensation based on grants and discourage such payment arrangements.
  • Not write into grants compensation, unless allowed by the funder. 
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