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Changes Coming for the NYS Grants Gateway System

07/27/2022 8:49 PM | Barbara Cervoni (Administrator)

In the spring of 2023, the NYS Grants Gateway will transition grant making activities to the New York Statewide Financial System (SFS.) At that time, the Grants Gateway will be retired. Organizations will be directed to SFS, and all activities will go through SFS. The tentative date for the transition is April 1.

Reasons for the change

Currently there are many different NYS grants management and tracking systems with outdated processes and idiosyncratic required documents, different for each NYS agency. The aim of the planned transition is to consolidate and streamline processes and make it easier to apply to different state agencies, as well as centralizing all grant opportunities, contracts and payments in a single system.

What to expect going forward

  • Paperless registration
  • Enhanced prequalification interface
  • Expanded application question sets, which will include lists and multiple choice
  • Streamlined multiyear contracts
  • Easier to manage claims for payments

What you can do to prepare

Login to your Grants Gateway account. Review who is listed as an active user for your organization and what their roles are. Make sure all details are correct and that contact info is up-to-date. Remove users that are no longer valid.

If you are registered in the Grants Gateway, then you are also registered with SFS.  Look for your SFS login credentials. Make sure that all of your active Grants Gateway users are activated as users in your SFS account.

Where you can find more information and updates

The New York State Grants Management Team has a webpage devoted to the planned Transition to SFS. The page provides details and will be updated as new information becomes available. Click here to learn more.

The Not-for-Profit Contracting Advisory Committee is holding meetings to provide info, details and updates. Check their website periodically to learn about upcoming meetings.

Nonprofit Westchester held an information session about the transition to SFS on 6/22/22. To view the ZOOM recording, click here. To view the slide deck, click here.

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